300 years from now the Earth vanishes, and then two minutes later it comes back...but what comes back isn’t our Earth anymore. We learn that a rupture in the fabric of time rips apart the past, present, and future...and then, mysteriously the fragments of time comes back together. Our world is transformed. The continents are reshaped, dinosaurs once again walk the Earth, and the survivors of the human race who were mysteriously picked from across time now must exist together. The cataclysmic event that changed the world was known as the Time Collision. After the world was changed, the people from the past waged a war against the people of the future and middle times. It became known as the Chronos War. After years of fighting, people once again found the value in peace and moved forward.

After the Chronos War, a secret coalition of warriors from the past, present, and future formed the Vanguard to ensure that such a global civil war would never happen again and swore an oath by their blood and by their bones to defend the world against those who would see the peace and prosperity destroyed in order to bring the old world back.

But from the ashes of the Chronos War rose a second century Roman General named Magnus Vorenus who gathered to him the most vicious and dedicated conquerers from history. They were those who would see the world made into their own image and became an unstoppable force called the Aeternum.